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Mistake FREE Real Estate With Marck de Lautour

This podcast is for passive investors looking to listen in on others who've made the mistakes so they don't have too. 

Jul 28, 2020

In this episode Marck is joined by speciality oral surgeon, Dr. Andy Baber. Dr. Baber opens up about the temporary closing of their office in March due to COVID and how income for the practice unexpectedly stopped overnight. While this was extremely hard and unexpected, he admits finding it to be a great time to evaluate existing business and make adjustments.

His real estate investment journey began when he realized 10 years into his practice that he wasn't going to be able to do this forever. Accuracy as a surgeon is based on age and ability so he knew he needed to start his investment journey to begin preparing for his exit. 

Dr. Baber knew that stock market investing wasn't the avenue to support the current lifestyle he wanted so he jumped into the world of real estate investing. His first investment brought on discouragement because he didn't make any money. But after finding Marck and SBD housing he realized there was a much better way through turnkey real estate investing. 

Marck and Dr. Baber clarify why this model works best but how it isn't always ideal depending on the provider. The perfect model, like that of SBD housing is true turnkey when the buyer of the asset controls both the rehab work and the property management to ensure less maintenance and minimal vacancies to provide a well performing property for an investment portfolio.

They both even chat about what the fine line looks like when raising your children amidst your success. They uncover methods they've both used to help their children find a balance between enjoying success and remaining kind and humble in their communities. 

This episode is full of information if your looking to take your investing to the next level without the hassle.