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Mistake FREE Real Estate With Marck de Lautour

This podcast is for passive investors looking to listen in on others who've made the mistakes so they don't have too. 

Aug 15, 2022

Steve Trang is a successful real estate investor, business owner, sales trainer, and podcaster. He has interviewed and worked with so many real estate investors and he is here to tell us about what he has learned through the years. 


Listen now to learn more about Steve and his journey so you could learn from the mistakes he made in the past!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[01:30] What are the traits of successful investors?

[03:25] How have the last 2 years been for Steve?

[05:15] How does Steve react to the realization that he isn’t where he wants to be?

[07:06] What does Steve do with his time away from the business?

[08:40] What does success look like for Steve?

[10:29] How is Steve’s mission to make a hundred millionaires going?

[11:27] What will Steve do after he accomplishes his mission?

[12:22] What are Steve’s thoughts on active and passive investing?

[15:00] What was it like for Steve in 2007?

[17:30] What is the impact of inflation on the market from where Steve is?

[21:30] How is this downturn going to impact wholesalers on the market?

[23:40] What is the best way to educate customers?

[25:51] How can other investors have an advantage today?

[27:15] What’s happening to the rental market today?

[29:05] Why did Steve decide to buy a bank?

[32:33] What is an NFT?

[34:17] What is the value of an NFT?

[36:10] What benefits do you get from NFTs?

[39:45] How will real estate change when it enters the blockchain?

[40:27] What is one of the biggest mistakes Steve made in real estate?

[44:02] How has social media changed Steve’s life?

[47:36] Who are the 3 people Steve wants to be with for an afternoon of golf?