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Mistake FREE Real Estate With Marck de Lautour

This podcast is for passive investors looking to listen in on others who've made the mistakes so they don't have too. 

Jan 8, 2022

My good friend Jimmy Vreeland of the Rise Up, Live Free podcast and I are back to talk about the Q4 Collective Genius mastermind and our takeaways from the event. This is now becoming a tradition for Jimmy and I to come together and talk about our experience and the nuggets we’ve learned. 

Listen now to learn more about the speakers at the Q4 Collective Genius mastermind in Orlando, what they talked about in their presentations, what we’ve taken away from them, and how they can help you too! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[01:14] Why is a mastermind important?

[01:47] Jimmy’s insights on the Orlando event

[02:42] Meeting Brian Adams 

[04:35] Paul Moore’s discussion

[06:05] Investing is boring

[07:56] What Jimmy learned

[10:07] Matt’s presentation on Tuesday

[12:23] Taking what you learn and implementing it

[13:18] Sharing what you do to inspire others to do the same

[15:50] Creating impact on the community

[16:45] Why business owners need to get involved more in the community

[19:20] Wednesday with Frank Kern

[21:14] Reminding people of what you do

[23:28] Eli Fisher’s presentation

[25:58] Wrapping up the CG mastermind

[27:19] Being competitive in life

[28:23] The definition of success

[30:15] The ceiling of complexity

[33:00] Jimmy’s notes from Larry’s talk

[34:41] What’s the purpose of a business?

[37:17] Final thoughts on the mastermind




“I believe that through collaboration and partnerships, you can strengthen and gain more clarity not only in who you are and what your purpose is, but also gaining strategic insight on how to build your business and become more profitable and efficient in the way that you run your business.”


“If you do invest the time and the money to do masterminding, to travel, to do all that stuff, I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they don’t set time aside to reflect.”


“It’s easier to do than to think, and thinking time is extremely valuable.”


“Most people are doing somewhere between 75 and 400 deals a year, this guy does one deal a year! One deal, but it’s normally around 1000-2000 units.”


“Sometimes, bigger isn’t necessarily always better. Scaling to 20-30-40 employees obviously comes with many challenges.”


“I’ve been staying off the crypto bandwagon. I’ve always thought it is a reasonable hedge and now I’m definitely going to start tinkering - not to make any money, but as a hedge.”


“You can wake up everyday and complain about all the things you have to do, but a simple mindset switch of ‘I get to do this’ - how empowering that can be.” 


“His whole purpose for the business is not about getting wealthy or getting rich, but about having an impact on the community.”


“Matt’s advice was just ‘start where you’re at and go where you are’.” 


“Just like anything else in business, you fumble along and you figure it out.”


“I think business owners need to start entering the narrative, because if you look around what’s going on today, everybody’s trying to be convinced that the world is falling apart, and it’s just not.”


“If you think nonprofits alone or let alone the government is going to make that kind of impact, you’re out of your mind. It’s too inefficient for the government to take care of people that way. We have to step up as citizens and business owners.”


“Anytime that you need to drive content-based, or any kind of marketing, it’s gotta be done on a consistent basis.”


“We’re committed, that’s one of our commitments for this quarter and a really big takeaway, is to really drive some content through our social media platforms just to let people know what we do.”


“You don’t need to go out there and brag or boast about what you’re doing. You simply need to remind people of who you are and what you’re doing because you think that everyone is looking at you and you’re doing the same post over and over, but they don’t care.”


“They’re scrolling from one thing to the next and the fact that you’re putting more content out there, you’re given the chance to kind of reach an audience.”


“The whole impact really was to tell your story or someone else will.”


“Should we leap for the next achievement in 2022 or is there something else out there?”


“There’s something about being a competitive human being. I think the competitive spirit is great, but I don’t know, to live a life like that - always hitting the gas as hard as you possibly can, I don’t know if it’s sustainable or if it’s gonna get you what you actually want.”


“Most people see success as setting a goal and then achieving it, but the problem with that is, just feeling the exact same thing right after. You gotta set another goal and go crush it, and you’re constantly setting yourself up for failure by setting a goal and then achieving it, and then pushing really really hard and when you get there, you realize that it wasn’t as fulfilling as you thought it would be.”


“His definition of success is an optimized daily experience sustained over time.”


“The habits that got you to have the success and get you to where you are, are the same habits you need to break to enjoy the success that you have.”


“If you focus on achievement, there’s a high probability that you’re going to achieve it, but if you focus on achievement, there’s very little chance that you will feel fulfilled.”


“Focus on the fulfillment and then the accomplishments, essentially will come.”


“What’s the purpose of a business? It’s to produce feelings of success and optimized daily experiences that are sustainable over time for clients, owners, teams, and family.”


“You’ve gotta have a scoreboard to give your employees a winnable game. Having that helps them know when they’re winning so they can feel fulfillment.”




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