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Mistake FREE Real Estate With Marck de Lautour

This podcast is for passive investors looking to listen in on others who've made the mistakes so they don't have too. 

Nov 8, 2022

I was recently invited to be a guest on Big Mike’s Real Leverage podcast, where we talked a lot about the real estate market today, especially in Kansas City. We discussed inventory, interest rates, strategies that work, and so much more. 


Listen now to learn what has been going on in the real estate market in Kansas City, the turnkey space, and what we have been doing to ride out this wave!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[03:55] What is the market like today in Kansas City?

[04:20] What is turnkey real estate?

[06:01] Is it a good time to buy real estate in Kansas City?

[07:50] How has the market correction affected real estate?

[10:35] What is the role of affordability in the current condition of the market?

[13:19] How is new construction doing in Kansas City?

[15:15] Why is a recession inevitable in this kind of economy?

[18:29] Why should people still buy turnkey properties today?

[23:57] What does the future look like if inflation continues to stay high?

[26:15] What makes today’s economy different from what it was before?

[29:13] How can we continue operating with high inflation?

[30:55] What is the real estate market going to look like in this kind of economy?

[32:05] What is the substitution effect?

[34:50] How soon could interest rates start coming back down?