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Mistake FREE Real Estate With Marck de Lautour

This podcast is for passive investors looking to listen in on others who've made the mistakes so they don't have too. 

Dec 23, 2021

Self-directed IRAs are not a new concept but people are still unaware of the benefits it can bring. In today’s episode, we have Juan Deshon from Quest Trust Company to uncover what self-directed IRAs are and how you can take advantage of them! 


Juan Deshon has been working for Quest Trust Company for 5 years now and he is my personal self-directed IRA representative. I’ve had great success through him and his company and I want you to learn how to do it too. 


Listen to this episode so you can have a better understanding of what makes a self-directed IRA different from other IRAs and what the benefits are for you! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


[00:00] Introduction

[00:56] Who is Juan Deshon?

[01:38] What is a self-directed IRA?

[02:31] Quest and their self-directed IRAs

[03:30] What does Quest do?

[04:25] Who is ideal for a self-directed IRA?

[06:08] The ease of transacting with Quest

[06:43] What is a rollover? 

[07:00] Finding your investment

[08:14] Distribution from retirement accounts

[09:43] Are there prohibited investments?

[10:50] Investing in private lending

[11:25] Private lending’s passive nature

[12:57] Different ways to take advantage of the IRA

[14:04] Real estate syndications

[14:30] IRS restrictions for IRA accounts

[15:51] Depreciation and leverage with IRA

[16:41] Investment vehicles for self-directed IRAs

[17:55] What are the mistakes people can avoid?

[19:31] Quest Trust Company




“The self-directed IRA is still an IRA. It’s actually just a marketing term.”


“A self-directed one means that you can invest into non-traditional assets. If the term ‘self-directed’ is not there, it will most likely mean you cannot invest in non-traditional assets, or mostly in the stock market in general.”


“You have to use an intermediary - you have to use us to do the same thing, except the asset class is changing.”


“By keeping it in the IRA, keeping it under the hands of a custodian like us, you’re not being taxed until you decide ‘I wanna retire and do something with that personally’.”


“Everyone can take advantage of a self-directed IRA, but someone that really should be able to jump into this right now, today is gonna be someone that has an entrepreneur mindset that wants to get out of the stock market.”


“The whole point of it is you have an end goal and we’re gonna help you get to it.”


“A rollover is a fancy word for the movement between an employer plan to an IRA.”


“Now we’ve moved funds over from the 401K plan in this situation, now you have to find your opportunity and this is where self-direction comes into play. Quest won’t give you a list of opportunities.”

“My returns go into my retirement account. It’s not my money until I distribute it.”


“Most Americans coming from 401K plans, they’re probably gonna be taxed by the end of the retirement stage.”


“If they can’t value it correctly, the IRS can’t tax you properly.”


“I think IRAs are designed to be fairly passive.”


“A savvy investor has to really up their knowledge when it comes to IRAs and really plan far ahead.”


“Depreciation is completely taken out of your hands. Leverage isn’t completely taken out of your hands, but you have to get what’s called a ‘non-recourse loan’.”


“Just a little bit of education can get you a long way.”